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I'm sitting here in the quiet of the restaurant dining room, thankful for an exciting first day of providing our food for the public. It's a really busy effort but worth it. I loved engaging with the different people who came in. My cousin, Wes, said he'd be here on day one; first in line. And there he was (3rd really, but you get it)! Seeing the people so thrilled to get to try our food is more than pleasing. And of course there's the anxiety around, "Will they like it? "Will they enjoy it as much as I enjoy it? As much as the new prep cook likes it? It's just such a thing that can drive you crazy. You just don't know what's gonna happen. The vulnerable side. The human side. The important thing is that we'll always be working to innovate, improve, deliver and educate. We aim to create and provide whole food plantbased (I'm claiming this as a non-hyphenated compound word from now on) vegan delights that will nourish people to the highest while pleasing taste buds to the utmost degree. We are also here to teach about this beautiful way of eating a living. More to come…

Rich Rogers


p.s. Testimonial:

"Oh, it was SO good. We loved it! Especially the lasagna, I’ll def be back! Can’t wait to see and taste all the things! It was even better than I expected, no lie! And yes, I’m grateful for our connection over all of these years. I want to see you succeed and I know you will."

-Karen S. (non-vegan)

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