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The Dreaded Question...

All whole-food plant-based (wfpb) lifestylers encounter a certain ever-annoying question from omnivores and meat-eaters at some point in their travels.

While minding your own business, enjoying a grilled filet of cauliflower or a big old juicy square of raw vegan lasagna, along comes some disapproving meat-eater.

Agreeing that your meal looks and smells absolutely divine, meat-eaters can't leave well enough alone without deflecting... " But where do you get your protein?" (It's the addiction talking)

Those-in-the-know understand what's going on and understand the limited knowledge of the inquiring mind before them.

But it is a good question for those who really want to know.

And it has an answer that might just save their lives...

Sarah Chodosh shares great drops of scientific nutritional wisdom in a recent edition of Popular Science:

"It’d be great if a burger-a-day diet was healthy. Don’t get me wrong—it’s not the worst. You’ve got protein in there and hopefully some veggies on top (and on the side), and even some fiber from the roll (you used whole grain, right?). Unfortunately..." Read on.


Eat plants!

peace love and plants -

@therichrogers the plant based human


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